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JUST FINISHED: The Serpent and the Rose, The Golden Rose, and The Last Paladin

Author: Kathleen Byran

Genre: Fantasy (three book series)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

As I said on my About page, I will post every once in a while about a book I finished to give my pros and cons. Here is my first go at it:

 I’ve just wrapped up the three book fantasy series [The Serpent and the Rose, The Golden Rose, and The Last Paladin] by Kathleen Bryan. Now, I hadn’t read a fantasy novel in some time, the last being the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. And that was quite some time ago. That said, this series was a great change in pace from what I had been enthralled with in the past year.

What I enjoyed most about this author was her creativeness to the idea of magic. It was a new take from what your standard fantasy book would give. In these books, magic was more of a working that actually could show itself as a piece of glass. In addition, the magic itself seemed to have its own life/soul within the people that could ward it.  

I thought the plot was a little slow to move and some sections a bit repetitious. Bryan also had too much foreshadowing for me, leading to figuring some items out way before the plot brought you to it. That destroyed a  little bit of the reading wonderment for me. Bryan also had a tendency to “jump scenes” as I would put it. Maybe it was just purely her intention, but I often would have to reread a few paragraphs to try to see exactly how we got from point A to B.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and fun read. Still not anywhere near my top tier of fantasy favorites, but it kept enough intrigue in me to get through all three books to the finale (which was, as every three book series ends, an epic battle).