Darin could not be more late as he trudged in the elevator. This morning was off to a horrible start.

His alarm did not go off (Stupid phone.); the toaster burned his bagel (Are you serious?); he spilt orange juice on his neatly pressed white shirt (Fuck!); Sherman, his rat-terrier, decided to have his way in the back corner of the bedroom (Great, more shit.); and shall we not forget the bumper to bumper traffic on the 409 that caused a fantastic mishap with Darin and an older lady.

“That lady. God, had she gotten under my skin,” Darin thought as he squeezed between the people in the elevator.

She just stood there, after the fender-bender, shaking her head. Her white curls bouncing about.

“Always in a hurry, you young folks. One of the many failures of your generation.” She bit her bottom lip and narrowed her eyes at Darin. A sigh quickly left her mouth.

Darin let his eyes meet her little, beady black ones. Drops of perspiration were forming on his forehead as he leaned against his old red Crown Victoria. The summer sun was on the rise.

He gave her an apprehensive smile. “You know, if you would just fill out your contact information on that little paper I gave you there, I could get on with my speedy ways.”

The old woman rolled her eyes. “Ha! Like I trust you to get this filed and settled properly. You’d just take this paper and throw it out the window. Pretend it never happened. And I would be out the money for my car.” She started with the head shaking again. “That’s another problem; your generation has no idea about responsibility. You’re also greedy, is what you are. Oh no, we will wait for the proper authorities.” She raised her eyebrows.

Darin heaved and looked around in bewilderment. He was getting nowhere with this old broad. He loosened his tie and stared back at the mess of wrinkles and dentures. He could feel her muggy hatred surrounding him. At the least, maybe his stare would do the same to her.

“Ding!” the elevator’s charming sound brought Darin back to the present. He swiftly moved to the back side of the office and into his cubicle. He laid back in his chair while the computer booted; perhaps the rest of the day would bring better tidings.


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