JUST FINISHED: And the Mountains Echoed, The Ice Princess

Author: Khaled Hosseini, Camilla Lackberg

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, 1 out of 5 stars

So I’ve gotten through two very different books (or at least part way through one). And the Mountains Echoed was an interesting piece. The nursery tale at the beginning drew me in immediately deep into the story of Abdullah and Pari. After the initial heartbreaking tale of fiction and truth, Hosseini takes an intriguing route in giving a mixture of stories of different people throughout a stout period of time, a lifetime if you will. Each piece is from an individual’s viewpoint and intricately ties in some way back to our characters from the beginning of the book. Hosseini’s novel puts a telling perspective on how every person’s life and experiences from life can be shaped from interactions of people you are vaguely or closely connected to both in past and future. A true novel utilizing the six degrees of separation theory.

Now with The Ice Princess I had a good amount of trouble. While the story started off catching my interest, I found myself getting lost in the mundane details. Such as the fact that our main character drove careful to “give herself some leeway in case she happened to skid,” even though she was “always a careful driver.” Really, really unimportant things to note. On top of this, the novel was moving so slow. I felt like at the pace it was going it would take years to solve this mystery. Maybe it was a translation issue? Who knows? So, I hoped on my let’s-get-through-this-one-fast train and read two pages for every fifty. And would you guess that I was able to figure out the whole plot from that? Glad I didn’t try to get through that one.

In the spirit of Christmas, I wish you all great reading this holiday season!


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