JUST FINISHED: The Boleyn King; The Boleyn Deceit

Author: Laura Andersen

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars, 3.5 out of 5 stars

What if Anne Boleyn had had a son born to Henry VIII and wasn’t sentenced to death? Well, these two books take a stab at that theory, with a romantic twist (of course). We have at the center of the plot, four characters: Henry (King), Elizabeth (Princess), Minuette (Elizabeth’s Maid of Honor), and Dominic (Henry’s right hand man).

Andersen intertwines these characters to create a piece of historical fiction exploring the idea of these four being childhood friends and then coming into the power of “ruling” over England. In a way, these books are a coming of age tale for all four characters, learning the rudiments about life and love.

Surprisingly, I have enjoyed these books. I take to historical fiction, but tend to shy away from any novels that like to circle around love triangles. I find them cheesy and, frankly, a little to unbelievable in most cases. But, in this case, Andersen puts just the right amount of the love story bits in. Enough to keep me engaged but not roll my eyes, if you will.

My biggest complaint for this series so far is the lack of character progression from three of the leads. Out of the four, only the character Dominic has revealed his personality beyond that of what was outlined in the beginning of the series. I feel like he is the only character entertaining some mystery and making some “I didn’t see that coming” types of decisions. Maybe this is on purpose?  Maybe Andersen wanted the characters to come off that way? I don’t particularly like being able to tell how a character will respond to a situation, but perhaps there is some intention behind it that will be revealed in the third book to come…

If you are a fan of the Tudor period with all its glamour and romance, I would recommend this series to you. Otherwise, I advise to stay away.


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