I can hear the mountain echo,

From the coldness in my voice.


It comes from a dark place,


One that was locked up,

I thought,

a void.


But it pushes forward now,

Flashing thoughts from a time ago.

Real moments,

True moments,

Sad moments.


Am I so invisible?

A soul tossed aside?

Left torn and forgotten,

Used and choked.


So much time I spend for others.

I seek their care,

Their comfort,

Their love.


But why do I do this?

This empty circle of my life.

When they just spend me and spin me.

I am but a toy in their game,

A piece to move,

To sacrifice,

To play.


I fall for it again and again,

I am trumped and trodden,

A fool,

A folly.


‘Done with it,”

I say.

Be done with it now.

Pick up your pieces and your hollowed heart.


There is not enough time in life

For such misery and despair.

Begin, my love,


Do not just play the part.


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