I hear the wind swishing, yelling in the night.

What’s out there? I wonder, where it’s not so bright.

It forces the trees to sway, tapping on the glass.

Is that a ghost? I wonder, a ghost from my past?

I head down the stairs, my candle lifted and my heart unprepared.

I saw you in the moonlight, a body of stone with your eyes aglow.

You were a goddess to marvel, a beauty of gold.

I couldn’t move my eyes from you, a streak of perfection in a world of none.

You were glorious, more luring than the sun.

Oh, do you tempt me? I move closer still.

My mind outlining you, engraving the memory with all my will.

A streak of lighting suddenly flashed the day, illuminating every piece of you.

All shadows at bay.

And while my heart began weeping at a joy I cannot fathom,

You were gone, leaving within me a dark chasm.

A cold blanket of air soon filled the room; the wind began again to screech.

The dark night resumed.


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