Greetings! So I have decided to add another juicy tidbit to my blog. What is it going to be about, you ask? Well, if you haven’t already noticed the menu changes, I’ve slid in a new category named “Music.” If you’ve read some of my poetry, you may have already picked up on the undertones playing tribute to one of my first loves throughout. I have a fiery passion for music that stretches just as far as my love for writing. And thankfully, the two happen to go hand in hand quite well.

I will be sharing with the blogging community the multitude of songs that have found me over time and one’s that I keep falling into. I’m not a single genre type of gal, so don’t expect the same thing every time around. If you could see my iTunes library, you would understand. Immediately.

Now before I began with these posts, I feel the need for a short disclaimer. If I like a song and think it is the most fantastic thing ever, it doesn’t mean you will. I believe that in some ways music is in the mind of the beholder like art is to the eye. There are songs that I will listen to that move me to point that I feel like I cannot breathe until they hit the next note and that same song is one that a good friend would ask, “Can we skip this one? I think it’s a little on the slow side. Too mellow.”

That’s not to say there isn’t bad music out there. Very bad music. Music that kills souls. Is it Friday anyone? No worries there, I won’t ever strive that far to catch your ear.

Before I go back to the artist that has held me in their arm’s all week, I want to wish you all happy blogging and reading! I’m excited for this new chapter and can’t wait to begin sharing with you!


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