YOUR ROCKY SPINE – Great Lake Swimmers

For my first post in my new category, Music, I’ve picked Your Rocky Spine by the Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers from the album Ongiara.

The Great Lake Swimmers are considered a folk rock band and have been around since the early 2000s. I’ve been playing this particular song on replay for the past week or so. Tony Dekker, the lead singer and writer for the band, has a rounded, soft voice that I find both alluring and soothing.

Dekker’s lyricism is beautiful on this one combined with a sweet melody and some plucks from the banjo. It’s debatable on what the song is truly about. I personally believe he is romantically speaking of the features of mountains, expressing a full devotion to the power that is nature. But, it could also be taken as speaking metaphorically about a certain person in his life.

I can’t say I have any favorite lines or parts since I love the entire song, but I will say I have two hanging moments in this song. The first would be in the beginning with the repetitive emphasis on “that your body makes.” I love the way he pulls the words, dragging out what is surely a hard stated point to him.

The second is the verse dealing with the resolution of the song, saying that we are from the clay for the earth to display. The music takes it all the way down to just the kick-drum bass, making a clear path for the words to come through.

The link to the lyrics and music video are below. Take a listen and breathe it in.




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