From the woods,

Comes a sound.

An ancient chant

to which all bow.

It called me from my slumber,

Ringing out from the trees.

A knock known on my heart,

Quickly I am to my feet.

I am drawn inward,

To the center of it all.

The song propels me,

And pulls me along.

It echoes in my ears,

And causes the ground to shake.

So powerful are Its words,

Even the snake quivers in Its wake.

Heat grows under my skin,

I am closer still.

I feel a fear nesting inside,

What is Its will?

Further on I step,

The ground damp to my bare feet.

The pulsing sound reverberates

off of me.

Then at last I have found it,

The cause of it all.

The sound is now defeaning,

It sings of a beautiful fall.

I see in Its wispy eyes,

Shroud in a blinding white,

Tears that are forming.

In Its sadness It cries.

I am driven by a sudden feeling,

To be by Its side.

For how lovely a song to contain

Such darkness and strife?

To stop this entrancing music,

And keep it from all kind.

How could this misery

Come from such light?

But as soon as it knows of my thoughts,

It barrels up in height,

And anger fills Its delicate face,

Taunting my weak mind.


you could never understand.

You little soul.

You little man.

I need not your comfort or selfish deeds.

I pursued your love a time ago,

Searching within

for an unconditional seed.

I have tried several times, my child.

But the plan never worked.

You turned on me,

And have left me abandoned to the dirt.

It is my weeping now,

That brings you from your blackened dreams.

My sorrow

that finally makes you see. 

But it is too late,

The time has passed.

Be gone, child.

That is the last plea I will ever ask.

My eyes wide,

I watched as it dropped Its head and began to sway,

Singing again,

With a voice as sweet as day.

But still sad is the song,

That bleeds from Its lips

And tears at the seams

Of souls eclipsed.

I could feel a shifting in my bones,

As if I had lost a piece unseen.

Something was missing.

My heart began to feel weighted from the plea.

I could feel the heaviness cover me,

And drag me down.

Now I should carry the burden,

What It had never before allowed.

At last I turned back.

to the place from where I had came,

Back to my blackened dreams.

Back to a life that would no longer be the same.




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