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I let the rain bury me
and chill my bones.
A drink from Earth’s lifeblood.
A gift from above.


It bubbles up inside,

coiled around my heart.


It’s a knotted tension,

pulled tight in my mind.

I can’t release it.

I am confined.


Thoughts that don’t matter.

Thoughts that crush.

Thoughts that linger.

Thoughts that I can’t touch.


When I cover myself in them,

it only makes it worse.

The pain grows in my head,

as if I were cursed.


I am trying so hard to break through.

But they keep dragging me under,

pulling me beneath,

leaving scars that run deep.


Thoughts that are too heavy.

Thoughts that leave me empty.

Thoughts that noose my soul.

Thoughts that I can’t control.


I can scream it out.

Cry aloud.

Force it down,

and kick and pound.


But they’re still there,

even though they’re not allowed.


I have pleaded with them,

to leave me be.

But the talons only grip harder,

forcing me to bleed.


Thoughts that keep me restless.

Thoughts with no end.

Thoughts that go in circles.

Thoughts to which I will never win.


SAUCY SAILOR – Wailin’ Jennys

Oh, this song. It’s one of those that loves to bind itself to my brain and stay attached for days. You’ve been warned.

The Wailin’ Jennys is a folk trio from Canada consisting of three women who focus mainly on the wondrous harmonies that their voices can carry.  I actually find that the lead singer sounds a bit like the lead for the Cranberries, but that may also just be the accent that’s carried through this particular tune.

The song, Saucy Sailor, is actually a cover from an English Folk band named Steeleye Span. I found the original itself to be forgettable, but the Wailin’ Jennys version is the opposite.

I have a special soft spot for any song that tells a story. And this story is one that always makes me chuckle. You have a rough, young sailor come back from voyage to try to get himself a maiden. He’s turned down by the one he favors immediately just based on his looks and smell. She doesn’t even give him a chance.

But the joke’s on her! He then lets here know that he’s rich and then she’s crawling for him to take her back. He goes on to tell of how good of man he is, beyond the money, and that another girl deserves him. Stings lassie, doesn’t it?

The song is sung in an older fashion, as if the people of that time were speaking outright. As I mentioned before, it almost sounds as if they sing with an accent throughout; at least to the tuning of my own ear. The acoustic feel throughout is fantastic and the wavy breaks in between are dreamlike.

Click here for the lyrics and enjoy the video below. Take a listen and breathe it in.



JUST FINISHED: At Night We Walk in Circles; Now You See Me

Author: Daniel Alarcon, S.J. Bolton

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars, 4 out of 5 stars

Starting with At Night We Walk in Circles: This book took me a while to get in to. It started slow and kind of, initially, just moseyed around in the plot. At the beginning, I felt like I was being pulled along some every day story. Don’t misunderstand me there. An everyday story can become a great book, but the plot for this one at the beginning was just a bit mundane.

What eventually pulled the trigger and brought me through was when I realized that the story was being told from a character that I hadn’t yet met. That little bit alone piqued my curiosity and fueled me on. The story itself is like a mini-biography about a young man, Nelson, who is an actor going thru the tribulations of that stage between adulthood and youth. He joins a traveling, un-wealthy play-group (Diecembre) and tours the countryside.

The deeper I got into this novel, the more drawn to it I became. The characters began to fill out the pages and the mundane became interesting. The ending has quite a twist, one that both surprised me and yet made perfect sense.

With Now You See Me, it was a much different reading experience. I started this book on a Thursday and had finished it by Monday. This is a thriller/mystery that follows a young female detective who has been wilted into a serial killer’s crime spree from the start of it with the first death occurring in her own arms. The killer seems to follow the pattern of the not-forgotten Jack the Ripper and takes a special interest in involving our main character throughout.

While I found the gruesome murder detailing a bit disturbing for my taste, the rest of the book was quite overwhelming in the sense that I couldn’t put it down. I got into my “I have to know and I have to know NOW” mode. I love it when authors do that to me.

If you’re looking for a quiet but reflective novel, I would recommend At Night We Walk in Circles. If you’re looking for an adrenaline pushing and gut-wrenching (and pulling might I add?) piece, I recommend Now You See Me. The choice is yours!


The heat creeps into the house.

The red sun rises high.

She’s not ready.


You can feel his breath on her shoulder,

the grip on her neck.

A summer swelter,

an ugly lover’s nest.


Does she cry herself asleep,

amidst those soft screams?

She’s not ready.


So tender are those eyes

that turn red at night.

So thick is the blood

that pours out.

Soaking the lies,

removing the doubt.


That bitter emotion.

A fear that can’t leave

in a tide of sorrow,

drowning in a pitiful sea.


Don’t let optimism fool you again.

If you stay, it will be the end.


He has nothing for you but fury and anger,

a powerful lust that has no love.


She’s not ready.


Will you ever?

Or will you remain

that transparent soul,

broken and cold.


This heart already knows.

You have to go.