Daily Archives: August 24, 2014


It bubbles up inside,

coiled around my heart.


It’s a knotted tension,

pulled tight in my mind.

I can’t release it.

I am confined.


Thoughts that don’t matter.

Thoughts that crush.

Thoughts that linger.

Thoughts that I can’t touch.


When I cover myself in them,

it only makes it worse.

The pain grows in my head,

as if I were cursed.


I am trying so hard to break through.

But they keep dragging me under,

pulling me beneath,

leaving scars that run deep.


Thoughts that are too heavy.

Thoughts that leave me empty.

Thoughts that noose my soul.

Thoughts that I can’t control.


I can scream it out.

Cry aloud.

Force it down,

and kick and pound.


But they’re still there,

even though they’re not allowed.


I have pleaded with them,

to leave me be.

But the talons only grip harder,

forcing me to bleed.


Thoughts that keep me restless.

Thoughts with no end.

Thoughts that go in circles.

Thoughts to which I will never win.