DANGEROUS – Big Data feat. Joywave

This is one that refuses to stay out of my head. Big Data is considered an electronic music project, backed by the producer Alan Wilkis. On this particular piece, they feature an Indie Rock band out of Rochester called Joywave. Both artists are fairly new in the popular music scene.

I love this song, possibly, too much. It starts with that deep, grungy bass line that hooks your attention. By the time you’ve started nodding your head (or maybe you’re a foot tapper), the vocals by Joywave start in. And the lead singer just happens to have one of those stretched, sexy voices that draws me in closer to the beat. The song continues on until we hit the first chorus where the stripped down bass, vocal, and drums is joined by some other filler noises induced from mixers and keyboards.

An interesting shift in the song first occurs at about 1:50, where the bass and drums is completely removed, bringing it to just the vocals and some solid chords slowly following. It may sound odd, but I would describe it as if the song were floating at that point. And then it drops right back into that bass heavy bliss.

Lyrically, the song seems to mostly tell upon the feelings of paranoia and hints at cases of Big Brother.  A visit to Big Data’s blog somewhat confirms that message.

Click below for the lyrics and video (brief warning for faint of heart on the video).

Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/bigdata/dangerous.html

Oh, and dancing is required on this one.


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