The sound ripped from her lungs, reverberating inside her. It had been long since she had last screamed. Her throat felt hinged and odd to the noise.

But she couldn’t stop, not with what was before her. Even with her eyes closed the images would reappear from the mist in her mind. She had been trying to stop them for so long only to be defeated by their physical presence again.

A warm drop slid down her face as the scream turned to a gurgle. She fell onto he knees when Blue Eyes burst into the room. She could see the nurse’s lips moving. Settle, they said as her big arms wrapped tightly around her. Her scream had been replaced by an indefinite ringing that tightened in her ears.

She caught a glimmer of a flashing red light outside her door as more nurses scrambled in.

Why so many? Blue Eyes, Fog Breath, and White Face was on her at once. She realized the answer too late.

In Red Lip’s hand she caught the glimmer of the needle’s end, its cloudy liquid spurting from the tip.

“Hold her down!” she heard Red Lips yell. She began to kick and thrall and even tried a bite at Blue Eyes, to which she received a sharp slap.

She could feel her fear bubble to anger as they brought in the clamps. “No!” she screamed at them. “It’s his fault! Not mine!” She tried to lift her hand to point towards the toned glass. She knew he was behind it, hiding in the darkness. He brought forth the memories. It was his fault.

She gasped when the needle broke the surface, stabbing into her side. She could feel the cold metal ripping at her and depositing the foul liquid it held inside.

They called it the Happy Serum, but it never resulted in such an emotion. Mostly it made her sleep, in one sweeping motion sucking all the energy from her. All the time under its dark spell would be forgotten. She would be left with just a bleak page of nothing for hours of her life, and the comfort of cold and emptiness to hold her.

She tried to look up at the glass knowing he was staring back, waiting. Her eyes began to narrow. She thought she saw flicker of light but her body betrayed her as the muscles in her neck gave way and the Happy Serum took over.



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