The Avett Brothers, how you love to just make me sit and listen. I listen and can only hear the beautiful words that come straight from your hearts. Hearts that have carried so much regret, so much pain, and never too much love.  There is happiness there too, but it’s these kind of songs that tear at me the most.

Pretty Girl at the Airport is a gentle, flowing acoustical song dealing with a failed relationship (Track #9 on the album Mignonette). Seth Avett describes letting go of a love in his life, understanding that it wasn’t working and it was time to move on. He is very accepting of the situation throughout the song, repeating “I know, I know” in almost a defeated manner.

Although both parties have resigned to this, you can still feel Seth’s continued love and pain in the song, both through the lyrics and the chords. The slow drag of the bass pitted with the faster legato notes of the violin and banjo is absolutely lovely. And then there is a strain in his voice as he continues onward with the lyrics. It’s this very lethal combination that brings me to tears almost every time.  And if not the tears, I am so often filled with such a heavy gloom that I can only sit and stare, hoping for it to pass.

To give you a little more insight on The Avett Brothers, this is actually just one of their “Pretty Girl” series of songs, each assuming to deal with (possible) relationships they have experienced throughout their lives. Each is personal and each is fantastic in its own way.

I have actually seen these guys live twice now and let me tell you, they put on a great show. They are always full of energy and create a fun, dynamic atmosphere for the audience that is quite remarkable. Go ahead and explore beyond this song if you would. There are few artists they have their quality of song writing and originality.

Click below for the video and the lyrics are below.

“Pretty Girl at the Airport” by The Avett Brothers

Wish me luck I know you think I’ll need it

For all the hardest roads we have to walk alone

And you don’t have to tell me that you love me

For all the words I’ve never understood

I know, I know


The wind that blows from here to California

Never stops to turn and wonder why it goes

And you don’t have to tell me when you’re leaving

For all the plans I’ve never understood

I know, I know


Leave now while you can

I’m not your man

I know, I know


To have your things and wait there for a plane ride

No one there to sit and hold your hand in flight

But everyone I know out here is lonely

Even those that have someone to lie beside at night


Leave me with the dawn

It’s almost gone

I know, I know


Leave now while you can

I’m not your man

I know, I know


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