Monthly Archives: January 2015


There is a fire inside,

burning still.

Dark is the ash

and red is the flame

that delivers me ill.


So quiet I’ve been keen keeping,

like a prey for its kill.

But now I’m engulfed

and my blackened sin has over-spilled.


I am so tired,

so worn thin,

that I keep collapsing

and falling,

again and again.


The things I carry

have become too heavy.

They have pulled me apart,

rupturing the seams.


I can hold them inside

no longer.

Like jagged knives,

they split me open

and expose me to the world



A high price I pay

for hiding those lies.

Crafted  in delusion and

false sympathy.

They took me over

and stole everything,

presenting me empty

to a hungry crowd of apathy.


For that fleeting moment,

I felt it.


Flickering before my eyes

was a summer’s yesterday,

amidst the cold, dreary morning.


In that instant

I teetered on the edge of a memory.

Swaying to the present,

deeply breathing the past.


The sun glinting on the metal.

The soft chatter of voices.

The ground soft and spongy.

The lasting smell of warm rain.


I tell you that I was there.

I was in two places at one second,

and that love was carrying me then and now,

all at once.


LOCATION: BOK Center, Tulsa, OK

EVENT DATE: 12-20-14


In these past weeks, our holiday travels took us to Oklahoma. While there we decided to check out The Black Keys at the BOK center in downtown Tulsa. Their blues driven rock was bound to make a great show.

We checked into the show a little late, finding our seats stage left while opener, St. Vincent, was walking off. I sat down, anticipation building as we watched the roadies setup.

The lights dimmed down and the crowed excitement began to grow. The Black Keys walked on stage and immediately fired it off with “Dead and Gone.” The band flew through their set list playing all the fan favorites, including “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy.”

I was even more enthused when my three picks, “Weight of Love”, “Turn Blue”, and “Little Black Submarines”, were played out in the encore part of the show.

My only complaint would actually be for the crowd that was around me. For such a jamming band, I find it impossible to not move with the beat. Toe tapping, head nodding, something. But those who were around us didn’t move a muscle. They may have well as been watching the Nutcracker ballet from their reactions. Not to say the Nutcracker isn’t exciting, but that kind of behavior is expected. At a rock concert, you stand up. You jump. You sway. Maybe even sing a little?

Perhaps it was our own fault for picking seats in the upper decks, but I had never felt more out of place at a concert. And this was not the first time I’ve sat in the upper section. And I’m always moving. In fact, I usually work on a visible sweat.

Contrary to my audience counterparts, The Black Keys put on a fantastic performance, giving it their all the entire time. The flashing set lights that built up the back prop gave the show a nice flare. Segues between tunes, like when it was brought down to just the bass illuminated by a dark blue light (Turn Blue), were a nice touch as well.

I would love to see these guys again. But next time, I will be on the floor.