JUST FINISHED: Stone Mattress

Author: Margaret Atwood

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Atwood’s “Stone Mattress” is a compilation of nine different short stories. Each tale is from a new perspective and time, though some are interweaved to relate back to other stories within the book.

One commonality that most of the short stories have is that the main character is elderly. This was a new one for me since most books that I do read never have a leading elder character. Having a point of view from that age group is fairly rare in fiction. Often, if a book is told from an older age, it’s a perspective looking back in time, not in the present. A present POV from an older person has a totally different effect with interesting thoughts on life and its future outcomes.

Each character has their own set of dimensions and each of them even manage to develop into likeable (or some unlikeable) people in the end. I find it impressive that the author can expel so much information and personality in such short instances.

Each tale has its own emotion, whether that be sad, angry, lost, confused, dark, comical, futuristic, or unexplainable. Atwood is fantastic at writing interesting characters from all walks of life and being able to dwell in several types of genres.

It was certainly fun to read a book filled with short stories, as I myself aim to actually write one worthy to even be called a short story. If you enjoy quick reads and are wanting a new age perspective for reading, this book is your go to. If not, I would still recommend you give it a try. You could even just pick one out of the nine.


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