Monthly Archives: July 2015


Islands in the sky
float by
like feathers.

They hold a land
with hidden treasures.

There are billowing seas
of magenta and white.
And mountains clothed in gold.

Their wondrous creations
are ever changing,
pulled by the wind
and formed by no one known.

I often wonder
if there are creatures
in this elevated forest,
flitting about.

Wings carry them,
island to island.
Never staying in one place.
The sun,
lighting the way around.

I only ever
get a glimpse of this
strange paradise.
So high in the heavens,
It is only there for a few seconds
and then we are on our way down.


An unseen force

pushes me forward.

Like a rag doll or

maybe just a coward,

I fully surrender

to the power.


It leads me to an edge,

rocks crumbling at my feet.

Downward they tumble,

crashing into the walls,

falling into the bleak.


I stand there,

unsteady and unsure,

awaiting a destiny that was handed to me.

One that was calculated and scored.


But I am not ready to accept it.

Some depth in me resists

the everyday pull.

The life of correct and unquestionable

is not enough for me.

That future is mundane and,

in some ways,



As others reach the edge,

so carefully balanced,

I run full speed and dive off the end.

Hurtling through the air,

I now plunge into the unknown.

Astonished cries howl through the wind.


Faster I fall,

like the rocks before me.

Excitement builds.

I am no longer weak.


Sucking in life

with new hunger in my veins,

my droned past quickly fades.


What was once a downward spiral,

has become an upwards leap.

With open arms,

the future my soul seeks

finally welcomes me.