Author: SJ Bolton
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Well, I have to say that it was nice to read a faster paced book for once. My last few had been on the slow-going end; this one, not so much. Sacrifice starts off with Tora Hamiliton finding a women’s body in her field after beginning excavation for her horse’s grave. Being on the local hospital staff, her interest is piqued as she has to examine the body to find that the women had recently given birth in addition to having her rib cage cracked open and heart removed. Of course, finding something of this magnitude on your own property would surely warrant extra interest. Who’s to say the killer isn’t still around?

The story follows Tora’s exhausting quest to solve who exactly the women was and where she had come from. Bolton brings the odd and somewhat squeamish ‘folk’ tales of Shetland Island’s history to life all while also giving way to fairly accurate medical and current day procedures. The plot moves at a riveting pace which makes it a very quick read.

(Slight spoiler ahead!)

My only complaint (why it’s short of 4 stars) is that I feel like the mystery itself wasn’t too hard to guess at. I feel like Bolton gave away too much, even dragging out the story to fit in all the little tidbits. In fact, about half way through, I had the case one hundred percent solved before the main character. I know that I have a habit of looking for specific clues that author’s drop and tend not to fall for the ‘wrong guidance’ that is sunk in the text, but I feel like this one was a little too easy. What kept me reading though, was wanting to know how it all ended and how proof could be brought to the surface.

If you like medical mysteries, spooky English folklore, and words that move like steam engines, this is a book for you.


2 thoughts on “JUST FINISHED: Sacrifice

    1. zeven37 Post author

      I haven’t actually seen the film – and consequently just learned a film exists! : ) Anyhow, I’m not sure what all Hollywood has added in terms of the book. I don’t think there are any legends or such around the Shetland area, aside from the creature of a Trow – which is like a mischievous spirit. Kind of like an up-to-no-good troll.



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