Monthly Archives: September 2016


It’s hard to focus
when it’s supposed to be fall
but still feels like summer.

Lost in Nature

Hey all!

Apparently I don’t have enough to do in a day….so I created a second blog where I will be tracking all of my travel.

If you’re interested in checking it out, just follow the link here. As always, you can continue to look forward to my musings here on zevenwrites. In fact, a throwback to September Whispers seems to be in mind about now.

Happy blogging!


Though memories fade
there still remains
familiar feelings.

Simple as a sound,
thoughts provoked
begin to run around
and I chase them
hoping to even just glimpse
at the past behind me.


A sweet surrender
to that southern high.
Heavy moisture dripping on
broad green leaves.
Air so thick
I swear it is pushing me.
The heat is a wave
rolling in and out.
The way the sun fades the grass
just leaves me to sway
taking up so much space
rendering me lazy and slow
in such a place called home.