So, I know, I have already done a Lord Huron song. What gives? Well, Lord Huron sent me their new album Vide Noir after I ordered some tickets for their upcoming show in October (which I am ecstatic about). And, you see, I kind of fell in love with that album instantaneously. So, yeah, I’m going to talk about another Lord Huron song and today’s feature is “Wait by the River.”

I was obsessed with this track for a solid month. It all begins the bass and that single snare. For a moment, the song transports me back to the 1950s as the keys are chased on a piano as if to open a curtain. And what comes to my mind immediately (and quite ironically once I saw the music video for this), were the old variety shows that would showcase different musical acts. The syncopation of the piano pickups and then Ben Schneider starts in.

Love – what else would this song focus on? Of course, this one is a broken love that our antagonist is hoping to mend. And he will wait forever for it; if that’s what it takes. The first verse builds nicely with Schneider’s voice, dropping us off at the end with a release of sound.

In the second, a stiff rhythm guitar is added as the antagonist begs for his love again, though he pushes more on the fact that he can’t wait forever. This verse is ended again with a crescendo, but instead of quick release, echoes are added in that extend the ending giving it a dreamlike quality. Which is fitting considering the Emerald Star theme for this album.

The next word I wait so patiently for to sing along with – “Baby!” The way Schneider says is just too much fun, followed soon by “I don’t honestly wish you were dead.” (That line had me dying with laughter the first time, especially after hearing that Baby.) It’s clear now that the antagonist has had a bad fight with his love and he is backpedaling trying to recall the things he said. But he is still waiting by that damn river.

The song begins to build again as everything grows towards the ending. Schneider starts in with those wonderful nature inspired lyrics that he is so amazing at, describing how a river can begin to look like it runs into the stars with the help of moonlight. The antagonist is at his end knowing that he cannot continue through life without his other. So much so, that he would rather give up his life than continue on. Thus, is the Vide Noir.

Then the track deflates with that ethereal echo we heard before, and the piano draws back the curtain.

Please take a listen of this fantastic tune here and don’t forget to check out the full lyrics below. I also highly recommend listening to the full Vide Noir album while you are at it.

“Wait by the River” by Lord Huron

I will wait by the river
In the light of the moon
At the edge of the city
I will wait for you

Though I can’t wait forever
Someday I’ll be dead and gone
And I won’t be forgiven
For what I’ve done

I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river

I will cry out to heaven
As it rains down on me
I will beg for forgiveness
Get down on my knees

If I can’t change the weather
Maybe I can change your mind
If we can’t be together
What’s the point of life

Baby, I didn’t mean the things I said
I don’t honestly wish you were dead
I’m a fool; I’m just a man
If I only could hold you again

And the stars fill the river
As it flows into the sky
And the mind leaves the body
And floats higher and higher

If we can’t be together
I will leave this world behind
If I can’t touch your body
Can I touch the sky?

I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river
I will wait by the river


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