There is a boredom
hung in the air
on a hot afternoon.
One of those days that
has a busy mind circling
in a neurotic frenzy of
“What to do?”

I can’t seem to even summon
the energy to move.
The flutter of the leaves
out the window
and the hum of air
seeping through the ducts
seems to be enough.

Part of me continues to trudge.
There is a list,
you see,
and it is not done.

And the other part shrugs
and continues to keep me down,
letting the quiet of the house
and the soft breathe of sleeping dogs
be the only sound.

The tone on the living room walls
changes as the clouds pass by.
My eyes dim with them
slowly fluttering
as the disgruntled part of my mind
gives up
and every sense shuts.


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