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Burning Bear

There is a tale ancient as the mountains. About a bear whose coat was the color of flames.

They say he was bigger than boulders. Claws like a set of hunting knives. Eyes blacker than night.

He roamed the ridges and valleys. And bathed in roaring rivers. Gorging on elderberry and napping amongst the clovers.

Many passed along this whisper through the years. The colorful bear became a legend and a mystery tucked in the fleeting sounds and scents of the forest.

But as with anything unfortunate, not too long ago, a group of local men stumbled on him whilst he napped in a grove. They stared in disbelief at the strange reality brought from the depths of their childhood memories.

The bear’s coat was a furious color. Startling and mesmerizing.

Stepping quickly back to town, they told everyone about the animal. About how the fable became a truth. Dollar signs floated in their heads and plans were vigorously set.

Burning Bear. The name for the sublime creature, crawling on everyone’s tongue. Itching at the skin for their own pleasantries to dawn. A prize to be won.

The men began slowly scouting the forest soon after. Careful with every step and breathe. Wading rivers and wandering through the trees. Full of hope. And greed.

Every so often the would become alarmed. Spotting a dot of orange and yellow not to far. Tracing the path, they would only find fields of flowers so intricately designed. But their eyes never appreciated the fields as they would immediately be perturbed. Annoyed that such splendor was in the way and wasting time in getting what they were due.

But one day, they were sure they had him. Streaks of his coat danced furiously through the forest, leaving glints of color in its wake. Smiling at one another, they readied their bows for Burning Bear was headed right towards them.

Confidence soon turned whey they realized their mistake. It was not the bear but actual fire that had charged them and desired to keep them at bay.

Cries rang out as they turned back for the town. How foolish had they been? How had they missed the dying grey mist that followed the disjointed edges of color? How had they missed the smell of death and the swelter and the smolder?

To their dismay, they found their own path cut short. Escape was not an option as they were surrounded. Feelings of dread and the engorgement of fear. They huddled together and dropped to their knees. Begging in prayer.

A great crash suddenly blossomed in their ears as they looked up and over to find a stack of trees laid just above the ruthless tips of the flames. Thinking it their second chance, they clambered onto the logs, running full speed with no stops.

Halfway across the auspicious bridge, they all noticed an unmistakable outline. Each of the men aghast at what they had seen and what it could only mean.

But upon reaching the end, clear of all smoke and flame, they were saddened to not even glimpse upon their protector. The timely beast had already made his way out, blending with the flames. It dare not wait for its foes, even those it had just saved.

The men gleefully spread this story of an unexpected redemption. And the humor of their salvation.

Though many found it hard to believe, there were many still who swallowed every word. And like a seed, it was planted in their memories. Blossoming in dreams and shaping their beings.

And, like me, one day they hope to thank and see the Burning Bear and his coat twisted in beauty and mystery.

I don’t understand…

A short rant…

I don’t understand America’s obsession with work. Why it’s generally frowned upon to take time off (especially if it’s over a week). For some reason people take it as if you don’t care. That you’re not truly committed to the job. The you’re just creating a burden for your coworkers.

I understand that some people are infatuated with their job. The rare and few that live to work. But – that’s it – they are rare and few. For the rest of us, it is more like we work to live.

We spend a good chunk of our lives working. And while the working looks different for everyone (on  your feet, at a desk, at home, on the phone, etc.), we all deserve time off. And I’m not just talking about the weekend or a work-cation. Actual, bona-fide time off. Like an entire week. Maybe even a month. No calls. No texts. No emails.

But for some reason, this is seen as absurd. A negative light is shown on getting away. You should always be available for your job, no matter what you are doing that day.

That logic is backwards. We need to start shedding this workaholic culture. Time off is vitally important to the employee. It allows for a mental refocus and relaxation. Time to spend on one’s personal well being (both inward and outward). After, you are recharged and thinking more on point than before.

Not only does it help the employee, it helps your employer too. The employee comes back with new energy and a brightness in place of the dull. Profitability increase and new ideas run over.

But that’s not what we get. Instead, we have time off. Loads of it. But we never have any time to actually use it. It’s so sad how common that is. Then there are those that do take some time, but they still check their emails every morning. Even with a sunrise on the beach in front of them.

I realize everyone doesn’t fall into these categories. Maybe your in the middle or far right. Maybe you’re shaking your head and in complete disagreeal, puffing the word millenial. Who knows….

Either way, time off shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s something everyone should have. And, on equal importance, everyone should be able to actually use it.


Months flick by
as fast as a turned
calendar page.

Steady progress
to an unseen goal.
Hours clocked in
go slower and grow dull.

I am but one piece
in the machine
of a thousand parts.
My tasks necessary
and if stopped
will all fall apart.