Monthly Archives: October 2018


In the darkest hours
of the night,
I drift through the city,
eyes worn and thoughts strayed.

A fog has settled.
Hazy blankets filling every void.
Yellow light held by specks of air,
radiates in spheres.

Signs streaked with
efflorescent lines,
dripping as I pass by.

On a road ten lanes wide
and a city full of millions.
The grey mist swallows me
and from within it,
I hide.

Temporary Ground

Climbing to the top
of the mountains,
I was finally above the grey mist.
Below the valleys
and plains were just a blanket
of clouds.
Both strange and beautiful
was this temporary ground.

Still waves of puffy white
breaking on shores of pines.
The sun streaking
bands of gold
on high.

Playing with Fire

I like the way
fire plays.
Dancing and twisting
across the limbs.

Swirling in yellow, white,
blue and red.
How the tips of it flicker and sway.
How it sings with hisses and pops.
And in its underbelly,
the most entracing part.

Glowing with a heartbeat,
internally checked
and split,
lines that pulse
across the ash.

Signs of the living
among the dead.