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Can you feel
the summer breeze
that’s sweeping in?

Bringing with it
the sweet aroma
of warm evenings
spent under the sky.
Glasses of wine
lounged with friends
at your side.
Conversations free and fleeting
laughter and the subtle beating
of hearts.

Stars blink
and the moon shines.
Comfortable in their light
the night spans into forever.
And you never ask why
but you bathe in it
and love every second.



Was it truly just
this morning
that I ran through the forest?

Over the peak
into the gulch,
light’s growing glow,
my cadence

Trees whisper,
cool winds linger,
my body,
like a feather,
swiftly carving
through the air.

But my mind,
like a dream,
about the adventure
and the beauty
that is continually


In all the places I go,
I still find myself
wishing for home.

No distance have I traveled,
no wonder I have marveled,
keeps me from dreaming
back on the comfortable,
and wanted.

There is a dull ache
in the space
deep within me
when I am afar.
And while sometimes
I can shake it,
the pain still finds me,
a ghost from my past beyond.

Whether a scent,
a laugh, or simple sound,
it returns with a soothing roar
to call me
and pull my heart
back to where it belongs.