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The hammock groans
in my ear.
Each rope tightly woven
into place.
Fabric of opaque
diamonds pressed on my skin,
where the blood runs thin.

The chains clink along
with the leaves scratching
the patio floor.
They flip
and flutter,
swirling trails of yellow
and orange.

The dogs run free
around the fading green.
Following scents
made up
of mysteries.

The sun is setting
even though
the day has been
and slow.

In the comfort
of familiar,
a lethargy sways with me.
I rest easy,
knowing nothing
about tomorrow
and focusing
on simply just


There is a crispness in the air,

It brushes my face so lightly.

A familiar scent floats about,

reminding me of falling leaves and sweet apples.

The sun doesn’t rise so high,

the indoors start to beckon, but the waning light calls me to explore.

The earth has begun to crackle with my step,

my heart flutters with the sound.

What beauty breaks from the heavy green land!

with Nature painting in a crescendo of colors.

So short does this last,

I don’t dare close my eyes.

Nature’s power holds me in stupor,

the season I love is here.