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The pain in my heart
is not for that
who has passed,
dear friend.

The pain in my heart
is having to watch
you fall apart,
again and again.

as I stand idle by,
there is nothing I can do
to make you understand.

Grief is a hard thing,
a battle of the inside.
But its necessary
and unfortunately out of command.

Dear friend,
Time is a current
that flows with no restriction
and with it,
I am certain,
you will come back to me
feeling life more
than when you began.



Soft whispers
do not echo
but fade
into the night.

Words lost
on the plains,
swept with the wind.

I want to hear them
but cannot.
They are the kind
spoken behind
closed doors.
Questionable misgivings.
Rearrangement of thoughts.

Do they know what’s better for you?
Surely they know all parts
of the story.
Every angle and plot.

They understand you.
Smile at you.
Befriend you.
Tightening their knots.

Of course,
the real answer you already know.
Letting you go would be a tragic affair.
For cutting the bind would bore them so.
No fun at all it would be,
actually treating a person as whole.


An old tree rooted in stone.

A mountain latched to the earth.

I am steady.


Warm feelings in the company of others.

Laughter uncontained with smiling eyes and wrinkled faces.

I am joy.


Heavy weights bound to the soul.

A sense of a presence no longer seen.

I am loss.


A sprouting bud, bound with life’s glory.

The first wailing cry of a new spirit from old.

I am creation.


The kaleidoscope of wild flowers in spring.

Golden sunsets arcing on sparkling water.

I am beauty.


Filling of the mind, satisfied with knowledge.

A communion of souls drinking thoughts of each other.

I am substance.


A traitor’s heart turned in time.

Unmasked apology desperate for peace.

I am forgiveness.


Erasing the hunger of stomach’s gone empty.

Clothing the destitute and armoring them with things unconditional.

I am grateful.


A mother’s heart, warm for her children.

Two people forever entwined, knowing nothing but each other.

I am love.