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My head aches
from days of travel.

It’s funny.
With how much
I wander,
how I long for exciting
and new,
that at the end of it,
what I want,
what I truly desire
is just to be home.

on the couch,
lazily living
with you.



In all the places I go,
I still find myself
wishing for home.

No distance have I traveled,
no wonder I have marveled,
keeps me from dreaming
back on the comfortable,
and wanted.

There is a dull ache
in the space
deep within me
when I am afar.
And while sometimes
I can shake it,
the pain still finds me,
a ghost from my past beyond.

Whether a scent,
a laugh, or simple sound,
it returns with a soothing roar
to call me
and pull my heart
back to where it belongs.