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My head aches
from days of travel.

It’s funny.
With how much
I wander,
how I long for exciting
and new,
that at the end of it,
what I want,
what I truly desire
is just to be home.

on the couch,
lazily living
with you.



(For a hitrecord.org challenge with slight edits)

The smell of your
still lingers
on the sheets,
in the bed.

It cloaks my nights.
Brings my dreams to
toss and turn.

I come hungry
for the impossible.
I wake tired
and reckless.

I’LL BE AROUND: Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun has been experiencing a recent flare in popularity thanks to the Honda Civic commercial that featured Walking on the Sun off their first album, “Nu’ Disco 10.” The electronic dance Australian duo consists of Luke Steele (lead) and Nick Littlemore. Frontman Luke can often be found wearing an eclectic head piece that only emphasizes their futuristic and electric sound.

While Walking on the Sun tends to be their most popular tune, I wanted to write a bit about one of my favorites, I’ll Be Around off their second disc, “Ice on the Dune.” With the influence of 80’s pop and a dreamlike-wavy beat, this song always gets my attention and often inspires me just simply sway.

I’ll be Around starts off with a sweet-rolling guitar that seems to dive around the chords punctuated by a constant snare and cymbal. The sound is answered by a keyboard melody that panders off into the distance. After two rounds this, the song settles off to Luke’s voice, which comes in so soft and gentle it almost has an ethereal feel.

Luke lyrically speaks of a feeling that he had a child and is now trying to remember, which as the song reveals throughout is one of love and devotion to another person. The chorus begins with its repetition of “So I’ve made up my mind, I’ll be around for a while/You can bet on your life, I’ll be around for a while,” which brings a strange reassurance and comfort to the song. A sound that reminds me of a release in air pressure can also be heard throughout the chorus – for me this somewhat mimics the human response of relief. Perhaps to imitate a person’s emotion after learning that their love will be staying with them?

After four runs through the chorus and verses, each of which have their own distinct difference, I’ll Be Around slowly fades out just as quietly as Luke began it.

This song is very relaxing to me. I can’t deny that images of slow walks on the beach during a sunset with a slight breeze are flashing through my mind each time I hear it. The beat is wave-like and weaves on the periphery of dreams.

Please take a listen of the track here and check out the full lyrics below.



“I’ll Be Around” by Empire of the Sun

When I was young
The feeling was there
It is still there
Unweaving in me
As I recollect
Take me back to the stems of it
To the eyes of the parent’s tongue
I’ll listen to them

So I made up my mind
I’ll be around for a while
You can bet on your life
I’ll be around for a while

Call out my name, when you call I’ll be there
I’m always runnin’ chasing flames on a dare
Come back in that light, come on darling shine
Call out my name, when you call I’ll be there

So I made up my mind
I’ll be around for a while
You can bet on your life
I’ll be around for a while

Time after time
I’ll be around
This love tonight
It will be around for a while

If wishes were horses then beggars would ride
Virtually a mystic couldn’t ravel tonight
Harder than diamonds, cut up the sky
Running like a river while I move to sun

So I made up my mind
I’ll be around for a while
You can bet on your life
I’ll be around for a while

Time after time
I’ll be around
This love tonight
It will be around for a while

We don’t need to stay aha
Have you seen’ Yes I changed my ways again
Really needed say

When I’ve prayed, aha
Prayed to live with someone like you someday
It’s all I need to say
It’s all I need to say, It’s all I need to say

So I made up my mind
I’ll be around for a while
You can bet on your life
I’ll be around for a while

Time after time
I’ll be around
This love tonight
It will be around for a while


In the soft, yellow light,

I see your face.

On the wisp of the clouds,

you are there.

Though I cannot touch you,

the distance is too great,

I know you are watching,

wishing me safe.

Storms may shake this earth,

violently breaking it apart.

But you are with me

and never shall we truly part.


An old tree rooted in stone.

A mountain latched to the earth.

I am steady.


Warm feelings in the company of others.

Laughter uncontained with smiling eyes and wrinkled faces.

I am joy.


Heavy weights bound to the soul.

A sense of a presence no longer seen.

I am loss.


A sprouting bud, bound with life’s glory.

The first wailing cry of a new spirit from old.

I am creation.


The kaleidoscope of wild flowers in spring.

Golden sunsets arcing on sparkling water.

I am beauty.


Filling of the mind, satisfied with knowledge.

A communion of souls drinking thoughts of each other.

I am substance.


A traitor’s heart turned in time.

Unmasked apology desperate for peace.

I am forgiveness.


Erasing the hunger of stomach’s gone empty.

Clothing the destitute and armoring them with things unconditional.

I am grateful.


A mother’s heart, warm for her children.

Two people forever entwined, knowing nothing but each other.

I am love.


For that fleeting moment,

I felt it.


Flickering before my eyes

was a summer’s yesterday,

amidst the cold, dreary morning.


In that instant

I teetered on the edge of a memory.

Swaying to the present,

deeply breathing the past.


The sun glinting on the metal.

The soft chatter of voices.

The ground soft and spongy.

The lasting smell of warm rain.


I tell you that I was there.

I was in two places at one second,

and that love was carrying me then and now,

all at once.

JUST FINISHED: Crooked River

Author: Valerie Geary

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Two young girls find a dead body of a woman floating in a river near their home. The sight of the woman evokes a sense of questionable fear and resurfaces their feelings of sorrow from their own mother’s death only a few weeks before. Clues start surfacing and everyone begins to point the finger at their own father. But neither girls believe that their father could do such a thing and begin in their own way to unravel the mystery, sometimes helping and sometimes worsening the whole situation.

Geary produced an easy read filled with flowing imagery that explores the concepts of grief, love, and forgiveness. What I enjoyed about this novel was the slow, nostalgic way that Geary writes. It draws you in and keeps you there.

The negative items were the “too big clues” and irrational character decisions. What I mean by “too big clues” (SPOILER ALERT) were items that obviously point towards the truth behind the murder motive and murderer before it should be unveiled. The murderer’s son, Travis, trying to plant a lighter in the meadow. Travis catching Sam trying to throw away the jacket. The rude reaction of Mrs. Roth when Sam and Ollie are at the Attic store. The crazy talk from Mr. Roth to Ollie. I shouldn’t be able to pin point the murderer by the fourth chapter. Moves like that make that plot point not as intriguing.

Irrational character decisions is a pet peeve for me. An adult who realizes he may have a jacket belonging to a murder victim turns it in immediately if they are innocent. They don’t hold onto it, waiting for a child to do an adult’s job. I realize Bear himself was still growing, but still, really? The second big irrationality was on the Roth’s. You burn evidence left from your murder victim. Or dump it somewhere. You don’t randomly keep it locked up in your work basement or carry her lighter around in your pocket and use it. Especially in front of the person-who-you-are-trying-to-frame’s daughter. The third is deciding to kidnap a little girl and convince her sister to come alone to free her on the condition that she’ll confess a false story. No, no it just doesn’t happen like that. If you received a call that someone confessed to having your sister and for you to come alone, you call the police. You would never go to a possible murderer’s house alone. I mean seriously, what are your chances of coming out alive? And as the kidnapper, how irresponsible do you get? Why even kidnap a little girl who found some evidence? No one would believe a little girl who doesn’t talk! Just kick her out and burn it! You also would not keep the kidnappee in a maniac’s workshop if you intend to let her live….there’s just way too many things near the end that are “movie syndrome.” Doing the impossible and illogical to finish the plot.

Overall this was an alright novel. Not the greatest of mysteries, but at least enough to keep me interested.