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Wind whooshes through trees
and the cicadas screech.

The sun has knelt
as the coyotes yelp.

Limbs tangle and sway
creating a whole network
of elevated braids.

Stars flicker and hide
behind puffed clouds in the sky.

The air cools
as the Night rues
the warmth of Day
and passage of change.



Something is bothering me.
On the inside.
It hides in the day.
But at night it comes,
before I sleep.
Gnawing on my thoughts,
leaving me distraught,
hot, and dismayed.
I don’t know what causes it.
I can’t even find a logical
sequence as to why.
All I know
is my heart starts
my mind becomes
an impossible puzzle,
and the night is more like
a sentence than a dream.


The patter of rain

bleeds into my ears.

The strange buried smell

that Earth unleashes,

is heavy in the air.

Lightning scratches the sky,

jagged and blinding

against an ominous black.

It shocks the ether

with deep rumbles and slaps.

Screaming at the surface,

it strikes the Earth’s flesh.