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My head has been pounding
for days.

There are times that
I feel like
pulling my eye balls
from their sockets,
ripping all the connective muscle
and tissue between.
Blood pooling and pain
as if music
to the brain.

I feel like
that may relieve
some pressure.
That I might escape to
some darkness
that will keep me blind
and at bay.




The pain in my heart
is not for that
who has passed,
dear friend.

The pain in my heart
is having to watch
you fall apart,
again and again.

as I stand idle by,
there is nothing I can do
to make you understand.

Grief is a hard thing,
a battle of the inside.
But its necessary
and unfortunately out of command.

Dear friend,
Time is a current
that flows with no restriction
and with it,
I am certain,
you will come back to me
feeling life more
than when you began.