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The air stills for a moment;
the sky takes a deep breathe.
Exhaling and everything goes into motion;
pushing until there is nothing left.

Trees flutter and flicker,
spilling little drops of light,
reflecting the sun
and it’s warm delight.

Waterlogged colors streak over the clouds,
reminding us of the strangeness
of the storm
that surrounds.


Tip of My Tongue

There was a thread
in my mind
and I tried to hold on.

But I lost it
in the mass
and webs of thoughts
gone wrong.

Forever and Always

Rhythmic beauty
in the murmur
of sound.

Voices floating
light, free and with
no bounds.

Capture this raw
emotion of
their lives.

Movement flutters
on the edge of
my eyes.

People moving
in and out of
the crowd.

Abundant is
the joy and love

the meaning of

Lost It

I lost my passion.
That burning drive
and fire.

I don’t know where it went
or how I lost it.
I just know it’s gone.

Strange thing is
I can’t really say I miss it.
Other feelings filled the void.

Maybe they’re not feelings,
Just business and tasks that are
an adult’s daily chores.

There is a certain cyclicness to my life now.
A carefully charted path
with nothing unperceivable
and completely flat.

Oh – flatlining?
What a term for the living!
To stay straight on a narrow line.

Are we not all just cogs in one big machine?
So Pecknold says.
Is that our destiny?

Ridiculous and bleak.
I better find that passion,
before such a life takes hold of me.


Soft peaks and rolling hills.
Sand shaped by the wind.
Undulating and smooth.
Desert valleys begin.

Cracked earth and
jagged white rock
leading to ridges
and flat tops.

This land is alien
and forever empty.
Void of all movement
no living thing to see.

Though it is strange,
there is a sullen beauty.
A digestion of the unknown
and the wonder that fills me.


A cloud drifts by casting shadows on the ground.
The shadows are in front of me;
their shape fluid and curved.
I step lightly behind them,
not wishing to leave the warmth of the sun.
Perhaps, I think, I should follow and see where they might go.
Perhaps, I think, they may show me a secret, something untold.

The movement varies in speed.
Fast then slow.
Fast then slow.
I keep the tempo never faltering and never losing site even though
the path becomes uneven and the world around unfamiliar
in all it’s characteristics and flow.

Uncertainty fogs my mind
and I begin to question my actions.
Perhaps, I think, I should go no further.
Perhaps, I think, this is not a destiny that I should force onward.

But like a riddle to the thinker,
my curiosity demands me to know –
Where do these shadows go?

The sun dips down and expands their seams.
Quicker is my step to stay on the edge,
and stranger is the world as light bends and sets.

When I take my focus away from my task,
the things I see around me are alarming.
My heart is pounding,
creating caverns in my chest.
For what is beyond is distressing and gives way to unrest.
Perhaps, I think, I have gone too far.
Perhaps, I think, returning is an optimistic farce.

With a sudden but silent shift through the air,
the shadows stretch
and then vanish.

Where does the night end?
And how did it so easily begin?

I have lost them,
and now stand in a flood of darkness,
unsure of my direction
and left with so many
unanswered questions.


These words
I am speaking
are ringing
with echoes down the hall.

Old and familiar
but still distant.
The sound is empty
and hollow.
And how I’ve felt about them
for so long.

I repeat,
and mime.
It’s an act
for those around me,
to help strengthen their beliefs
and answer the uncertainties of mine.