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The water’s wild rapids roll like thunder,
over the hidden ledges of rock.
Downwards it plummets,
gushing and swelling.
It’s power shown rampant,
never to be stopped.

Around it,
the air is silenced by the roar.
All things come only to gaze upon it,
stilled by the incredible beauty
and fearful of its vehemence.


Old Tree

Old tree
on the rock,
roots gnarled
twisted, exposed.
How long
have you stood
against the coastal wind
on this precipice

Imitation Nation

This place is bathed
in consumerism.
Man’s jungle
of neon, metal, and concrete.

The people move like herds.
Oblivious, self-absorbed, and absurd.
Everything is a backdrop
for their perfect
Instagram shots,
additions to Facebook facades,
counterfeit happiness
to list on Twitter feeds.
Why have we let it become
so easy
to completely omit

Our minds absorbed
and stored
under our fingertips and
in the images
we so carefully fabricate
and falsely relate.

Winter Holds On

Stuck in this white cloud
nowhere to go.
The North has been swallowed.

Buried in feet
the land hides below.
Above, we are abandoned
by the sense of what’s known.

yet home.
The sky howls
and the cold settles,
sinking even into bones.


Descending swiftly
into darkness,
light becomes absent
in the giant halls.

Home to sullen creatures
their voices
echoes on the walls.

Rising from the murky stone
and growing like knives,
dangling so precariously,
the cave grows towards itself.
Slow movement done blindly.

The strange shapes it forms
are so foreign to landscapes
groomed by the sun.
Is this Earth?
A hidden skeleton buried
millions of years before?
What it has now become?

And for what we have found,
there is still mystery beyond it.
Even further into the heavy ground.
Miles longer than we could ever fathom.