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I don’t understand…

A short rant…

I don’t understand America’s obsession with work. Why it’s generally frowned upon to take time off (especially if it’s over a week). For some reason people take it as if you don’t care. That you’re not truly committed to the job. The you’re just creating a burden for your coworkers.

I understand that some people are infatuated with their job. The rare and few that live to work. But – that’s it – they are rare and few. For the rest of us, it is more like we work to live.

We spend a good chunk of our lives working. And while the working looks different for everyone (on  your feet, at a desk, at home, on the phone, etc.), we all deserve time off. And I’m not just talking about the weekend or a work-cation. Actual, bona-fide time off. Like an entire week. Maybe even a month. No calls. No texts. No emails.

But for some reason, this is seen as absurd. A negative light is shown on getting away. You should always be available for your job, no matter what you are doing that day.

That logic is backwards. We need to start shedding this workaholic culture. Time off is vitally important to the employee. It allows for a mental refocus and relaxation. Time to spend on one’s personal well being (both inward and outward). After, you are recharged and thinking more on point than before.

Not only does it help the employee, it helps your employer too. The employee comes back with new energy and a brightness in place of the dull. Profitability increase and new ideas run over.

But that’s not what we get. Instead, we have time off. Loads of it. But we never have any time to actually use it. It’s so sad how common that is. Then there are those that do take some time, but they still check their emails every morning. Even with a sunrise on the beach in front of them.

I realize everyone doesn’t fall into these categories. Maybe your in the middle or far right. Maybe you’re shaking your head and in complete disagreeal, puffing the word millenial. Who knows….

Either way, time off shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s something everyone should have. And, on equal importance, everyone should be able to actually use it.